I Make My Kids Play Outside


“What are we going to do?” – them

“Uh, play…” – me

Sometimes I have to force my kids to play outside.
We don’t allow them to watch a lot of T.V. or play video games so it’s not that they want to be couch potatoes. They just have trouble initiating play and entertaining themselves. Honestly, they just don’t know what to do. I thought buying them a playset would help create an ideal setting for outdoor play but they are still learning “how” to play. I’ve found having an intentional activity helps spark their creativity and then imagination kicks in and they can play all day (or at least until the mosquitoes carry them away).

The other day I gave them a pitcher of water and a $3 water gun and they had a blast.


Then they wanted to eat lunch outside



And then I had to convince them to come inside for nap time because they were having so much fun.

I guess I have to teach my kids how to play sometimes.


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