Next Whole30 Challenge – Coming August 2013

We’ve decided to do another Whole30 Challenge in August. We had such great success with our Whole30 Challenge in January that I’d like to do it again. Since our 1st challenge we have adjusted the way we eat and even though we don’t eat entirely Paleo we do eat “real food”. On the occasions that we don’t eat well we can clearly feel the difference in our bodies. We often get achy shoulders, headaches and just a general feel of ick. It’s amazing how our bodies communicate to us, when we feel bad it’s because our body is trying to tell us sometime. Like, don’t eat that crap.

For this Whole30 challenge I am going to meal plan and document what we eat as well as document exercise (something I didn’t do last time). I’m hope to discover some new recipes that I can share.

Until then here is my REAL FOOD Meal Plan for the week. Jude has VBS in the mornings, Joe’s mom is coming to visit and Jude has his surgery on Friday so it’s a busy week but I hope to try some new recipes and eat pretty healthy when possible. As you can see this coming week is filled with carbs and cheese but everything is homemade with fresh ingredients. Whenever I knew we’ll eat out a lot I try to make our other meals lighter (vegetarian) so we can indulge a when we go out.

SundayEggplant Rollatini

MondaySlow Cooker Country Ribs with Roasted Potatoes & Peas

TuesdayCouscous with Mushrooms and Herbs

Wednesday – Black Bean & Sweet Potato Burritos

Thursday – Food Truck Rodeo

Friday – Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Salad (Jude’s favorite meal for his post surgery dinner)

Saturday – Out with family

I’m pretty excited about our Whole30 Challenge, I’ve started research new recipes and I’m working on a printable Paleo Grocery shopping list and workout calendar. I’m training for a 5K (I’m not really a runner) so I really need to be more consistent with my exercise routine and charts always help.

Does anyone want to join me on my Whole30 Challenge in August?


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