I’m Teaching My Son To Tattle

“No one likes a tattle tell.”

No one except me.

Jude got a new "summer hair cut"
Jude got a new “summer hair cut”

See, Jude is a go-getter. When he wants something or needs something done he doesn’t ask for help, he just goes for it. I know this will be a very positive quality at some point but right now it’s a challenge.

Jude’s younger brother, Noah is in a hair pulling phase, specifically pulling Jude’s hair. (Hence the new hair cut in the photo above!) Being the go-getter that Jude is he takes matters into his own hands and tries to discipline Noah. So, we are teaching Jude that when someone hurts you or is mean to you, you need tell a grown-up.

I’d much rather he tell me when someone has done something wrong than take matters into his own hands.

Sometimes it’s OK to be a tattle tell.


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