Everything You Need to Know About Genie+ at Disney World

Master Genie+

Understand Walt Disney World’s skip-the-line service for more magical, memorable moments.

Imagine spending less time waiting in lines


You’ve spent a lot of money on this trip. You want to spend less time waiting in lines and more time enjoying attractions with your family. 

Get the most out of the app, skipping long lines and reclaiming precious family time. 

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Why You Need to Master Genie+

  1. Genie+ Isn’t Cheap: You will pay per person/day for Genie+; you want to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.
  2. Genie+ can be Overwhelming: Knowing how to navigate the app will save you precious time and money.
  3. Unlock Strategies: Learn which rides to prioritize and strategies to reduce your wait times significantly.
  4. Spend More Time Having Fun: Ride more rides, spend less time on your phone, and have more fun with your family.

What is Genie+

Genie+ replaced Disney’s old Fastpass system in 2021. The new system can be confusing but significantly saves time in the parks.

The Genie+ Guide will help you master Genie+ for your next Disney World vacation.

Taking the time now to learn how to use Genie+ will make your Disney vacation a breeze.

Things you’ll learn in the Genie+ Guide

  • The difference between Genie, Genie+, and Individual Lightning Lanes
  • How to book Lightning Lanes
  • Advanced tips and tricks to master Genie+

Genie+ Guide

Unlock the secrets of Walt Disney World’s skip-the-line service with expert tips and tricks. Discover the basics of how to choose, buy, and book Genie+ selections. 

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