Jude’s Preschool Graduation

Yesterday Jude graduated from preschool. Next year he will be starting kindergarten… KINDERGARTEN!

I was really looking forward to watching him participate in his class presentation and walk across the stage to receive his preschool diploma but alas my typically outgoing child caught a case of stage fright. His teacher offered to go with him but he refused.
I was a little disappointed that he didn’t participate but afterward when he came to find us he burst into tears.
I have never seen him react that way and it broke my heart.


He told me he got nervous and didn’t want to go on stage. I said it was OK and even though he didn’t go on stage he still graduated and we are very proud of him. Then Noah gave him a big hug.

brother hug

And then there was cake .
And everything was all better.


I think he was overwhelmed by this whole week. Between doctor visits, swim lessons and end of the school year excitement he was emotionally tapped out.

Jude did remarkably well at school this year and I’m glad we decided to put him in a 5-day preschool. Not only did he learn a basic education but he learned a lot about social interaction with other adults and kids (something he really needed).

I’m ready for summer.
We have a fun and busy summer planned before he starts Kindergarten in the fall.


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