What can make my outgoing child shy?

Apparently Story Time at the Public Library.

Story Time Wake County Library

One of our Summer Bucket List items was to attend Story Time at our local library. I thought Jude would love socializing with other kids his age especially since he’s such an outgoing kid. Boy was I shocked when he hung on to my leg and didn’t want to join the group sitting on the floor. I didn’t know what to do with this strangely shy kid. Never in his life has Jude been so clingy. It was bizarre.

Knightdale Library Story TimeStory Time Dancing

Aside from his sudden shyness he appeared to have a good time. He paid attention to the librarian and even participated in the songs and hand-motions, he just never left my side.

After story time we looked around the kid section and picked out a book to check-out. When we got in the car he said he had a good time so I guess we’ll be going back. Hopefully next time he’ll break out of is shy library shell.

Noah Library
Noah also enjoys the library

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