Jude’s Attempt at Breaking a Guinness World Record

My child is crazy and I love it. You seriously never know what to expect when he walks into the room. Today while I was playing on the floor with Noah, Jude walked into the room wearing only a pair of pajama pants. He needed my help turning the matching top right side out. After I fixed his shirt he thanked me and ran back into his bedroom. It was getting a little too quite so Noah and I decided to check in on him just to make sure everything was OK.
I found him on his bed attempting to put on a second pair of pajamas. This time his footy Christmas pajamas, which were also inside out. Noah and I sat down on the floor of Jude’s room and he proceeded to put on 7 pairs of pajamas. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Just when I thought he couldn’t possibly fit into another pair he’d squeeze himself into yet another pajama. I didn’t help or coherse him in any way, this was completely his idea.
Pajama Count – 3
 Pajama Count – 4
Pajama Count – 5
Pajama Count – 6
Pajama Count – 7
Declares – “I did it! I’m maxed out”
Adds a pair of socks and a Spiderman mask. Runs out the door to play.
Immediately returns and has to pee. Stripping down to the first pair of PJs. 
That’s my kid. 
I looked to see if there was actually a Guinness World Record for the most Pair of Pajamas worn by one person at a time but couldn’t find that specifically. So I guess Jude is the winner!

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