15 week pregnancy update

I’m horrible about documenting my pregnancies, life is just too busy, especially with 3 busy little boys. But here is what’s happening with baby 4 at 15 weeks.

15 weeks

I’ve finally switched out my regular clothes for maternity clothes. I specifically needed the elastic waist pants now that my mid-section is getting wider. I have a pretty decent collection of maternity clothes but like any article of clothing they are starting to get worn out not to mention a little dated. So I’m planning to invest a little money into a few new clothing items, especially for the upcoming fall season.

I’m officially in the 2nd trimester which means I feel a lot better. My first trimester with this pregnancy was rough. I had a little nausea but mostly I felt extremely exhausted and battled almost constant headaches. My exhaustion was so extreme it was difficult for me to just walk across the house without feeling completely worn out. So Joe bought me some new prenatal vitamins along with Floradix which is a plant-based iron supplement. The only other time I’ve felt this exhausted was after labor when my iron levels where extremely low. It’s amazing how much better I felt after just taking a half dose of Floradix. (FYI – I’m not a doctor so please consult your physician or midwife before taking supplements)

The most exciting thing the 2nd trimester has brought is Joe has felt the baby move. I’ve been feeling the baby move for a few weeks, usually in the early morning or late evening. After a couple pregnancies it become a little more evident what’s going on inside your uterus and many women can feel the baby move much sooner than their first pregnancy.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good and have my next prenatal appointment next Monday afternoon. I’m not sure when we’ll find out the baby’s gender but Jude is very interested in this pregnancy and I’m considering taking him to the ultrasound appointment where we find out if we’re having a boy or girl.

pregnancy 4



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