31 Weeks: Pregnancy Update

Yesterday I had a routine check up and everything is looking great with baby 3. The worries about him growing too big are gone, for now. He’s right on track. In 2 weeks we have a growth ultrasound scheduled so we’ll have a better idea of how big he might be when he’s born.

All-in-all I feel pretty good. With my 2 previous pregnancies I had a lot of swelling and a lot of general discomfort. At 31 weeks I can still wear my wedding rings which is pretty awesome. I have occasional heartburn but nothing too bad. I’m praying that all of these non-symptoms are a sign of a small baby. So far I’ve gained about 22lbs but I know most of the weight comes on fast at the end, so here’s hoping baby 3 keeps up with his slow and steady growth and doesn’t hit any major growth spurts.

I’m also starting to feel more comfortable with our first hospital birth. After meeting with our doula and working on our birth plan I feel more prepared. Tomorrow we go for our tour of the hospital which will also put my mind at easy. I think it will help me to be able to visualize what labor may look like and the location plays into a big part.

Now I just need to get out the baby clothes and get things ready for his arrival. Only 9 more weeks!


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