Baby 3: First Belly Pic

I’ll be honest. I really don’t like taking pictures of myself much less pictures of myself pregnant. But I know in 5 or 10 years I’ll want to look back at my big round belly and tell my kids, “That’s you!”

So here is my first pregnant belly picture for baby 3. 

I’m not one of those enthusiastic mamas that takes a picture or herself every week, or even every month for that matter, but I’ll be proud of myself if I get 2 or 3 good pictures this pregnancy.

Why don’t I take belly pictures?
1. Are you pregnant or just fat? I never lost all of my pregnancy weight from Noah… no wait, from Jude. So technically that’s 2 baby’s worth of weight plus a new one. I’m sure people wonder, is she pregnant or just fat. Hopefully, my pregnant glow will tip them off. (no wait that’s just sweat)

2. Even if my belly does look cute I have to remember my face. I don’t wear make-up on a regular basis, I mean the only people that see me most of the day are 3 years old and 10 months old so why bother. But if I’m not wearing make-up in a picture I look like a ghost. 

3. My outdated maternity wardrobe. Most of my maternity clothes are from my 1st pregnancy, over 4 years ago. Anything I’ve picked up new since this is probably for function only and from the clearance rack at Target. So needless to say I’m not the most trendy pregnant mama.

4. Who is going to take this picture? I have 2 very busy little boys so they can’t take my picture and by the time my husband gets home I’m too exhausted to look pretty. So it just doesn’t happen. Of course there is always the mirror shot (see above) but that also requires me to clean my mirror (not that I did that this time.) 

5. I just plain forget.

So don’t hold your breath for weekly pictures of baby 3. I can pretty much describe what I’ll look like on any given day. 
Barely put together.
Wearing a t-shirt.
No Make-up 
Hair Up
And VERY Pregnant

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