Whole30 – Day 5

Joe really misses chips and tortillas. We eat a lot of Mexican influenced Paleo foods, mostly because our family LOVES avocados and guacamole. We’ve eaten about 6 avocados this week! (maybe more) Day 5 was no exception, lots of avocados and guacamole flowing in the Lieb house. Noah has been walking around the house chanting, “MO MOLEE, MO MOLEE!” which means “guacamole” in 1 year old.

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Apples and Sweet Potato Hash and Blackberries.

Paleo Breakfast

Turns out I prefer savory prepared sweet potatoes opposed to sweet so I wasn’t a big fan of the apple and sweet potato hash, neither was anyone else. They ended up a little more steamed than fried which also made them less desirable. We are going to try a grated sweet potato hash next week to see if that is better. Otherwise the rest of the meal was delicious!

Lunch: Leftover Barbacoa on top of baked sweet potatoes, guacamole, tomatoes & kiwi.

Paleo Lunch

Dinner: Bun-less burger with lettuce, tomato, roasted red pepper and guacamole and sweet potato fries

Paleo Dinner

Joe helped prepare the burgers and I roasted a red pepper and prepared the sweet potato fries. This was by far the biggest hit that we’ve had. The boys devoured every last bite and Joe requested we add it to the menu again.

Snacks: I didn’t eat a lot of snacks today. I had a few almonds while waiting for lunch to finish cooking and I had some passion fruit green tea.

I’m working on the Week 2 meal plan, we will revisit some of this week’s favorites and try some new recipes.


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