Whole30 – Day 19

We spent a lot of time out running errands on Saturday so we switched things up a bit.

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Canadian Bacon


Lunch: Moe’s Close Talker Salad – Streaker Style

moes salad

close talker streaker style

Lettuce, Cucumber, Pico, 100% sirloin grass-fed steak and guacamole. (Joe had black olives on his.)

The boys split a kid’s burrito but Noah ended up finishing off my salad. Give the kid a fork and he will eat anything.

Noah Salad

After lunch we went to 2 different grocery stores to stock up on food for the week. We also stopped at Jubala Village Coffee so Joe could get a coffee. Jude got his usual chocolate milk and I had some hot mango green tea!

Jubala tea

Jude chocolate milk


In the evening my parents came over to see the kids and eat dinner with us.

Dinner: Joe’s famous wings, sliders, okra and squash.

We were having so much fun I totally forgot to take a picture but it was all very good and all very Paleo and healthy.

I had a wee bit of California Trail Mix in the evening but was pretty stuffed from our large dinner.


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