Noah Asher – 11 months

Last Friday Noah turned 11 months. One more month until he will be a year old. 
He’s growing and developing right before my eyes and I’m in love.
It’s fun to watch his personality develop, and while he may look like his brother their personalities are worlds a part. Noah is gentle, sensitive, sweet and shy. He’s also very funny in a subtle way, just like his daddy. 
Some of his latest accomplishments include:
Climbing the Stairs
Pulling up to Standing
Standing without assistance
The addition of his 1st tooth
Eating real solid foods like sweet potato wedges, mac n cheese, avocado and banana. 
Mimicking sounds
Playing with his brother (Until Jude gets to rough and hurts him)
Pushing around trucks
I really enjoy the few moments Noah and I get to spend alone. His brother is always trying to steal the spotlight and Noah is happy to let Jude garner all the attention while he eats all the food! But Noah has such a fun and sweet personality. 


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