Baby Dude


Our friend Paige blogged about the nicknames she has for her son Daniel.
Before reading her blog I never realized how many different names we call Jude on a daily basis. He may never learn his real name with all the cutesie little nicknames we have for him…

Baby Dude, BB, Monkey Doodle, Monkey, Doodle, Dude, Bud, Buddy, Little Bit, Jude Boy, Mr., Chubbels, Mr. Chubbely,…

I’m sure there are more that make their way in but those are the tops ones I can remember at the moment. In addition to all the fun names we have for him we also write alot of silly songs about him. Almost every event warrants a new song for Mr. Jude. He loves music so when certain tasks aren’t as fun a song usually helps distract him or makes him feel more comfortable. Plus I just really like to write silly songs about everything… life should be more like a musical I think!


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