Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Really Wants


While flipping through the ads in the Sunday paper I realized most retailers believe that moms want some crappy stuff for Mother’s Day. Seriously, if Joe bought me a Mother’s day present from the Agri supply store, especially the jumbo french fry slicer, we’d have words.

Just a reminder Mother’s Day coming up.

Don’t know what to get mom? Here’s a list of what mom really wants for Mother’s Day. (at least this mom)

Time Alone – not necessarily on Mother’s Day but the gift of alone time is priceless. Personally, I like spending time with my boys ON Mother’s Day but a gift card for a massage, pedicure or just some promised time alone in the future would be a huge hit.

Someone else to do the work – This could mean dad and the kids cook and clean for the day or buy mom a gift card for maid service or personal chef. Even going out to dinner counts (no cooking and no clean up).

Well behaved children – This one might be hard to come by if there are young children but older children should be on their best behavior for Mother’s day. Mom wants to feel like she’s doing something right and that her kids aren’t hoodlums all the time.

Something romantic from the husband – Yeah I know it’s mother’s day and you aren’t the mother of your husband (at least you shouldn’t be, that’s gross). However, there was some level of romance that made you a mom (*wink) so I think there should be something romance in celebrating mom. (Note: this should not always translate to sex!)

Words of Appreciation – A simple, “I love you” from the kids or a “honey, you’re doing a great job” from the husband can be very empowering and encouraging. Being a mom is a tough job and a little recognition can go a long way.

I know there isn’t much of monetary value in the list but I think if asked most moms they would prefer a gift filled with sentiment! But I won’t complain if I got an iPad or box of Chocolates!


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