What I’m looking forward to most… New House Edition

Soon I’ll give an update on the progress of our new house but lately I’ve been thinking about what I’m most looking forward to in our new house. It’s funny, of course I’m looking forward to more space and all the pretty new finishes we picket out but what I’m actually most excited about are the little things. The two weirdest and funny thing I’m looking forward to are…

1. Microwaveable Heat Packs – You know the rice or flax seed filled bags you heat up in the microwave. We’ve never owned a microwave, in the more than 10 years Joe and I have been married. Our new house comes with a microwave and the only reason I’m excited about it is so I can get a microwaveable heat pack.

2. Bath Bombs – I don’t really love baths. Primarily because I always feel like I have to clean the bathtub before I use it. We’ve only ever had bath/shower combos and all the shower grime builds up in the tub and grosses me out. Our new house has a separate soaker tub in the master bathroom. I’ve been wanting to try bath bombs but our current master bath doesn’t have a tub at all.

It’s the little things that make me excited. I don’t actually know how much I’ll use either of these things on a daily basis but I like that I have the option.


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