Maternity Fashion – The Basics

There are a few essential items that I think any pregnant woman should have in their wardrobe.
Maternity Cami – A maternity cami is a must. One of the key reasons I say invest in a nice long maternity cami is because near the end of your pregnancy all those cute little tops will suddenly start to shrink and you’ll be showing the world your underbelly. Plus so many shirts today are made from thin material, let’s keep somethings left to the imagination. I like this Maternity Cami from Shade.
Maternity Jeans – I really love a nice pair of boot cut jeans like these Maternity Boot Cut Jeans from Shade. You may prefer a straight leg or legging jean but invest in a comfortable pair of jeans that are versatile, because you will wear them a lot!
Basic T-Shirt – I’m totally a t-shirt a jeans sort of gal so some nice fitting tees are a must. I love the Maternity Pleated Neck Tee from Shade. They offer several different colors and the simple pleat along the neckline dresses it up a little more than a plain old t-shirt but still gives you a comfortable fit.
Comfortable Dress – You’ll get to a point in pregnancy where even your most comfortable pants aren’t comfortable. You’d prefer to wear no pants at all, this is where dresses come in handy. I’m loving this Maternity Empire Half Sleeve Dress from Shade. This is great for when fall rolls around and I’m super pregnant!
Nursing/Maternity Bra – I think it’s a great investment to go ahead and invest in a few good Nursing Bras. I prefer a bra with no underwire because underwire can lead to plugged ducts while breastfeeding. I love this Nougatine Nursing Bra from Amoralia because it’s super cute as well as functional.
Comfortable Flat Shoes – Near the end of pregnancy your feet will start to swell and a comfortable flat shoe will be a must. I am usually in flip flops all summer long but since it will be fall come the end of my pregnancy I really love these, Chambray Katia Ballet Flats from TOMS Shoes.

I’m sure there are other must-have maternity items but these are the basics. Any mom-to-be could use pieces like these. I say invest in a few solid pieces that will last you throughout the pregnancy and then pick up some inexpensive “fun” pieces to jazz it up. Hopefully if you invest wisely the pieces you buy today will still be in style if you get pregnant again in the future.

I receive NO product or compensation in exchange for this post. Just sharing some cute clothes for pregnant ladies like myself.


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