Tag You’re It

What’s Cooking at DD? has tagged me in a blogging chain that involves me sharing 7 things about myself that you may not already know.

1. My husband was the first and only person I’ve ever kissed.  (I was 25)
2. I hate coconut.. it’s a texture thing… and a taste thing.
3. I saw Ricky Gervais Live in London on my Honeymoon.
4. My husband taught me how to knit… he’s a very good knitter.
5. I once had a giant wolf spider fall on me…. in my car.
6. I play the piano and guitar.
7. The guy that created the Jesus Video’s officiated my wedding.

Now, here’s my list of 7 people that I’m tagging. I apologize in advance if you’ve already been tagged!
1. Andrea at lilkidthings, she’s a great gal with a great blog about being a mom.
2. Maggie at Gussy has a lot to say{and sew}, she makes the cutest bags.
3. Anitra at If Mama Ain’t, she’s fairly local to me and has a lot of great things to say!
4. Michelle at Feminine Modern, she writes about pretty things.
5. Paige at Pocket Smiles, she makes me want to be a gardener and a potter.
6. Felicia at Go Graham Go!, she lives in my state and has great giveaway and parenting tips
7. Dana at Feeling Fit with Dana, she inspires me to get fit.

If You’ve been tagged share 7 things with your readers that they may not know about you and then tag 7 other people to do the same.

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