Capture the Everyday: Shot of My Computer Screen

This is what my computer screen looks like on any given day.
Here’s what you see…
(L to R)
Stickies – Everything from blog winners to html code, this is where I keep anything I want to keep on hand. I love my stickies.
Firefox – open tabs: gmail, yahoo mail, facebook and my blog. (occasionally I open Google Reader to catch up on my blog reading)
TweetDeck – Gotta keep up with the twitterverse

What’s Open Below…
Chrome – I occasionally use it to view things that don’t like Firefox
Entrourage – Where all of my Blog mail is organized and my contacts and calendar live
iTunes – gotta have some music
Acrobat – always has some update that needs to be installed
Preview – just to look at things closer

This is my adorable wallpaper which is usually covered with icons…

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

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