Week in My Life – Saturday 11.26


Adventuroo WIML sat 13Saturday was a very busy day. Busy but also a lot of fun. Everyone slept until about 8am which is always nice. Then the big boys piled in the bed with us. It was cold outside of the covers so we tried to keep everyone in bed with us but alas the boys were ready to go, go, go.

wiml26_1We were in desperate need of groceries so we set out to run some Saturday morning errands as a family. First stop, breakfast. We originally planned to go to Jubala but it was packed so we decided to check out Upper Crust Bakery which is right next door. Since the boys already had cereal we just got them a blueberry danish. Joe got pancakes and I got a southwestern omelet with a side of baked apples. It was all very good and seemed like a place we might take Joe’s parents when they are in town. I mean there was a huge dessert case right when you walked in the door, what’s not to love?


Then we stopped by Whole Foods to pick up a few items. Surprisingly there are a few items that are actually the best deal at Whole Foods (or just not available anywhere else.) I went in and Joe stayed in the van with the boys while they watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Sometimes it’s just easier if 1 person goes in.

wiml26_3Then we went to Harris Teeter to do the bulk of our grocery shopping. Sometimes we all go in if the boys are behaving but today they were super cranky so I just went in while Joe waited in the car again with the boys. Within the past year our grocery budget has doubled, with 3 growing boys I’m sure it will just continue to get bigger and bigger. Joe might have to get a second job just to feed these boys and they aren’t even teenagers yet.


While I was in the store Jude ripped his toenail so Joe texted me to buy the cheapest pair of clippers I could find. These crazy looking things were all I could find. Then Jude had a major freak out about me trying to fix his toenail, in the middle of the Harris Teeter parking lot. When he has a melt-down it’s epic and LOUD so of course everyone was starring. Thankfully, after 5 years of loud epic meltdowns I don’t really get embarrassed by it, I just do what needs to be done and focus on the task at hand. In the end he realized it wasn’t going to hurt and that he was OK. Then we headed home because obviously everyone was over it.

wiml26_5I made the boys lunch and as we were trying to get them ready for naps Noah locked himself in our bedroom. This doorknob is much more difficult to unlock from the outside so Joe had to remove the handle.

wiml26_6Noah has been going through a door locking phase and it’s got him in a bit of trouble. Obviously we are concerned for his safety and the safety of the other boys so we’re cracking down and he’s ended up in several time-outs this week because of it.

wiml26_14Simon took a short nap and Noah refused to nap (even though he really needed one). So we decided to abandon nap time in favor of the church fall festival. It was a fairly small event which is right up my alley (I’m not a fan of large over-crowded events). There was candy, face-painting, popcorn a photo booth and an egg and spoon race. The boys had a blast and probably ate too much candy.

wiml26Since the festival was right down the street from Grandma and Boogie’s house (my parents) we decided to drop by unannounced. Thankfully Grandma and Boogie always love to see the boys (and probably Joe and I too).

wiml26_13Then we headed home, I made Pad Thai and the boys went to bed pretty easily. Hopefully we’re moving into a more graceful bedtime transition. *fingers crossed


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