A Day in the Life of this SAHM

SAHM (Stay at Home Mom)

Before I had Jude I often wondered what mom’s did all day while I was at work. I knew they kept busy but I wasn’t really sure what that entailed.

So for all of you who wonder here is the basic run down of my day.
(Yesterday – Monday, September 29th)

  • Woke up @ 4am and fed Jude and went back to sleep
  • Woke up at 8am and fed Jude and he we back to sleep
  • Got up
  • Took a shower
  • Ate breakfast
  • Checked email
  • Folded Laundry
  • Clipped & Organized Coupons
  • Cleaned Up Living Room
  • Did 1.5 hours of freelance marketing work
  • Got baby Jude
  • Changed Jude
  • Fed Jude
  • Ate Lunch
  • Changed Jude
  • Vacuumed Upstairs
  • Played with Jude
  • Fed Jude
  • Changed Jude
  • Went for a walk with Jude
  • Mailed Rent
  • Ate a Popsicle
  • Put Away Laundry
  • Unloaded Dishwasher
  • Changed Jude
  • Loaded Dishwasher and Cleaned Kitchen
  • Played with Jude
  • Fed Jude
  • Jude fell asleep
  • Checked Email
  • Read the paper and drank hot tea
  • Fed Jude
  • Joe came home from work!~

I’m sure I missed a few things and I didn’t write in every time I went to the bathroom or periodically checked my email or facebook…. but you get the gist… we stay pretty busy. Other days we may not do as much house work but we might have to run an errand or visit a friend. We try to get alot done during the day so we can spend our nights hanging out as a family and relaxing.


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