Stress-Free Ladies Night In

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I love Ladies Night Out as much as the next gal but I’m more of a homebody and prefer a Ladies Night In. I’ve recently attended or thrown 2 different ladies night-in get-together and they were so much fun. Building relationships with other women can be hard, especially when life gets busy. Being a mom means most of my days are spent helping small people or chauffeuring them around town. But, as a mom I’ve found it is super important to have relationships with other moms. They understand, they have advice and can commiserate with you. It’s important to build relationship time into your schedule. That’s why I’ve become proactive about planning fairly regular ladies nights for all of my girlfriends.

So here are a few steps on how to throw a no-fuss, stress- free ladies night in.

Pick an Activity

What do you and your girlfriends like to do for fun. I love watching movies so I like to throw low-key movie nights. I’ve attended game nights, spa parties, wine nights, etc…. Pick something fun and simple to put together. Some other fun ideas are coloring, knitting, arts and crafts, cook together, outdoor fire pit, video games, karaoke, or clothing swap.

Invite Some Friends

I invited a ton of people because I know all my mom friends have busy schedules and can’t always come, which I totally get. I like to make a Facebook event and invite a bunch of people.

Ask People To Bring Stuff

Make it easy on yourself. Provide a few snacks and drinks but outsource some of the work and ask people to bring their favorite snack or drink.

Clean But Only A Little

No one lives in a magazine. We all have piles of clutter and dirty floors, it’s called reality. Give your bathroom a quick wipe down and pick up a little then call it a day.

Buy Supplies

Plan on buying a few items like popcorn, drinks, etc… but don’t over do it. Remember you asked people to bring stuff and ladies aren’t going to have a chow down fest. Purchase any supplies you need for crafts or projects you plan on doing and that’s it.

Have Fun

Allow a little time to chat but make sure you stick with your plan. Not everyone wants to stay up super late so be considerate of the time. Otherwise, have a great time.

The main thing is to make a plan and just go for it. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion. Your house doesn’t have to be put together or spotlessly clean. Building relationships with others is far more important than showing off your Martha Stewart skills, it’s opening your life to people, messy house and all.


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