My Self Potty Training Toddler


self potty trained

After several years of working with Jude and his potty training struggles I was completely shocked when Noah started to potty train himself.

I know I shouldn’t compare my kids but it’s amazing just how different these boys are from each other.

Jude is still having a hard time stopping what he’s doing to take a bathroom break so we are all potty talk these days. And because little brothers want to do everything big brother does Noah has taken a keen interested in the potty. At first I tried to deter his potty obsessiveness but after consulting a few other moms I learned that he wasn’t too young to be successfully potty trained. So we’re embracing his interest and trying to use it to our advantage.

At 21 months old Noah is still wearing diapers but when we are home he will tell Joe or I that he has to potty and run to the bathroom and start to undress. He’s only done number 1 in the potty but he’s a pro. He’s not potty trained when we’re out or during naps or anything but I’m pretty proud of his success. It’s a very low stress potty training course, we aren’t really initiating any of it but following his lead.

I’m hoping that his good potty training vibes will rub off on Jude. Or at least that Jude won’t want to be shown up by his little brother. Jude’s only struggle is making going to the bathroom a priority, he has such a hard time stopping what he’s doing to go, which often results in an accident.

Who knows maybe by mid-summer I’ll only have 1 kid in diapers.


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