How to Change a Diaper

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Am I seriously writing a tutorial on How to Change a Diaper? Yes, yes I am. You see a few weeks ago I was feeding Simon in the church nursery when the baby room worker (who was apparently new) asked me how to change a diaper. I was a little shocked that she didn’t know how to change a diaper but mostly I felt bad that they left her to fend for herself amongst the poopy baby diapers.

So as I fed Simon in the rocking chair that was located next to the changing table I walked her through the changing of a particularly gross poop diaper on a rather squirmy baby. Luckily we all came out alive and mostly uncovered in pooh but I thought it was important to share the wisdom I obtain with those that have yet to change a single diaper.

How to Change a Diaper:

diaper change1

Step 1. Ready your supplies. – Gather diapers, wipes, diaper ointment, extra clothes, toys for baby to play with. Note: Once you start changing the diaper there is no turning back.

Step 2. Find a safe and comfortable place to change the diaper. – Small babies do well on a changing table whereas older and more wiggly babies do better on the floor where there is no chance for them to fall. (Note: No matter how mobile your child once you place them on a changing table NEVER walk or turn away.)

diaper change2

Step 3. Lay baby on his/her back and remove pants or unsnap bottoms.

diaper change3

Step 4. Open the clean diaper and lay it out before you remove the soiled diaper.

Step 5. Unfasten the tabs on the dirty diaper.

Step 6. Pull back the front of the diaper. (be prepared in case the baby pees)

Step 7. If the baby has pooped use the diaper to grab the bulk of the poop and remove the soiled diaper. To lift baby’s bottom use one hand to grab both of baby’s ankles and lift.

diaper change4

Step 8. Then wipe clean the baby’s bottom with wipes. Be sure to get in all the folds.

Step 9. Let baby’s bottom dry for a few second and apply diaper cream if redness or irritation occurs.

Step 10. Lift the baby’s bottom again and place the clean diaper underneath, with the tabs in the back.

diaper change5

Step 11. Pull the front half of the clean diaper toward baby’s stomach.


Step 12. Fasten tabs on either side, insure a sung fit.


Step 13. Make sure the diaper isn’t tucked in around the legs.


Step 14. Put pants or clothes back on baby and place baby in safe place.

Step 15. Dispose of dirty diaper

Step 16. Wash your hands

There appear to be a lot of steps but it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

When baby is small you can take your time with the diaper changing process but as they get older and more active you have to act quickly. Don’t be afraid to assist in keeping them in place. Changing a diaper on a child that’s lying down is much easier than on one that’s trying to crawl away.

We also use cloth diapers on occasion, maybe one day I’ll write a tutorial on how to change a cloth diaper.

Whether we’re using disposable diapers or cloth we will never compromise on good quality wipes. Nothing grosses me out more than a cheap, thin, dry wipe. Cleaning baby’s bottom require durable and moist wipes to insure proper cleanliness. Seventh Generation Thick & Strong Free and Clear Baby Wipes are thicker and softer. Free & Clear Baby Wipes are free of fragrances, dyes, of parabens and phthalates.

Seventh Generation Wipes

I really like the new Seventh Generation wipes, they are nice and thick and moist but not too wet. I’ve used a lot of different kinds of wipes and I think these may be my new favorite. I really like that have no fragrances, I really dislike the smell of most baby wipes. Free & Clear wipes are good for more than just diaper changes too, keep a pack in the car for cleaning sticky hands or spills.

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