How NOT to Talk To Women About Pregnancy


When you’re pregnant people love to point out the obvious.

“Wow, you’re getting bigger.”
Yep, that’s what happens when you are growing another person inside of you.

“So, another boy?”
That’s what the doctors tell me.

“Did you REALLY want a girl?”
Does it really matter.

“You’re going to have your hands full.”
Something like that.

I personally don’t mind people talking to me about my pregnancies, I just honestly don’t know how to respond to all of the same comments/questions. I’m not good faking enthusiasm to answer the 20th time someone says I’m going to be busy with 4 boys.

I really wish I had fast wit and was able to whip out some funny jokes but alas I’m not that clever. So usually I just stand there looking at my big belly agreeing with their comments about my ability to grow another human.

I mean I get it, sometimes conversation topics are hard to come by. You can talk about the weather but that’s pretty standard and honestly boring. There are current events but more and more that is a hot button issue for pretty much anyone. Some people talk about sports, I am not one of those people. So, I understand how it is easy to jump to an easy topic like someone’s current pregnancy. (Assuming you are 100% confident they are pregnant it’s a pretty safe topic.)

But let’s be honest most pregnancy talk is just small talk. If you really want to engage ask detailed questions like, “When is your due date?” or “Which OB/Midwife are you using?”. These type of questions open up more opportunity for real conversations about someone’s life and pregnancy.

Weather you ask boring questions or engaging questions to a pregnant women there are some questions/comments that should be avoided at all costs.

“Are you sure you aren’t having twins?”
Someone women hide their pregnancies well, while others show and grow. If you know a woman is NOT having multiple children and joke about her being huge it’s never funny.

“Wow, you are so big!”
Again, telling a woman she is huge, never good.

“You know, my friend had such a horrible delivery….”
Never tell a pregnant woman horror birth stories. She is probably worried enough about… everything.

“You know what causes this right?”
Unless you really want to know the details of someone’s sexual life I’d steer clear of this question. It’s rude and inappropriate.

“You should have an epidural or a natural birth.”
Unless you are the one that will be giving birth you don’t get to weigh in on how someone delivers their baby.

What rude or inappropriate question or comments have you heard asked to a pregnant woman?

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