Camping at the Eno River State Park

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eno river state park

Jude has been talking about camping for over a year, and this past weekend, he took his first backpacking trip with Joe. They went backpacking at the Eno River State Park and camped for one night.

The weather wasn’t perfect. There were high wind advisories the day they left and a freeze warning the night they camped. Thankfully, Joe spent years in the Boy Scouts camping almost every weekend and in all weather, so he was prepared.

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About the Eno River

Located just a short drive from downtown Durham, the Eno River is named for the Eno Native Americans who once lived along its banks. The Eno River State Park opened in 1975, preserves 14 miles of the 42-mile-long Eno River. There are five access points: Cabe Lands, Cole Mill, Fews Ford, Pleasant Green, and Pump Station.

Things to Do at Eno River State Park

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There are 17 Eno River State Park trails to explore. A few of the more popular trails include Buckquarter Creek and Cox Mountain. The Buckquarter Creek trail is a 1.5-mile loop that starts at Few’s Ford. Many people swim at the Fews Ford access point during the summer. For a longer hike, we recommend the Cox Mountain trail, a 3.75-mile hike with a picturesque suspension footbridge.


Fishing is permitted in the Eno River and the ponds at Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area. A fishing license is required for people aged 16 and older to fish in any public water in North Carolina. The most commonly caught fish include Bull Chub, Bullhead Chub, Green Sunfish, Redear Sunfish, and Roanoke Bass.


While there is no official swimming location in the Eno River State Park, many people enjoy swimming at a few places throughout the park. Swim at your own risk at one of these locations: Bobbit’s Hole or Few’s Ford. Bobbit’s swimming hole is located at the Cole Mill entrance. Few’s Ford near the suspension bridge is also a popular swimming spot. People also swim in the Eno Quarry but it is not a safe location.

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All of the campsites at Eno River State Parl are hike-in sites. Advanced registration is required for all camping, and a per-night fee is required. There are four primitive campgrounds at Eno River State Park. You should bring water for the duration of your stay.

Our Trip to Eno River State Park

The boys hiked the Cox Mountain trail crossing the suspension bridge. Joe taught Jude how to set up camp, cook dinner over the fire, and roast marshmallows. The next morning, they took a hike and ate a picnic lunch on an island in the Eno River.

I love that Joe and Jude got to go out alone for some guy bonding time. Despite the weather, I know they had a great time. Jude came home looking exhausted, but the big smile on his face let me know he had a great time.

Jude said he was ready for their next camping trip, and the other boys were begging to go camping, too.

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