Boy or Girl: To Find Out the Sex or Not

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Joe loves surprises. I guess to some degree I also like surprises. But a part of me wants to find out the sex of baby #2. 

We didn’t find out with Jude and it was kind of fun not knowing. We got a lot of practical gifts instead of gender specific clothes and we had the joy of proclaiming, “It’s a Boy!” upon his arrival. 
All along with this pregnancy we’ve said we didn’t want to find out the sex but as time goes on I get more and more curious. Growing up I was always the kid that would try to find where my Christmas presents were hid. However, after I found them I was a little bummed because I no longer had a surprise to look forward to.

There are all the obvious reason for wanting to know the sex like, decorating the nursery, buying pink clothes if it’s a girl, deciding on a name, etc… but I’m still not sure. None of those reasons are really reason enough. I mean we already have plenty of gender neutral items so we don’t really NEED anything but it’s always fun to shop.

What do you think? Should we find out or keep it a surprise? 

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