Baby 2: The Home Stretch

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These past few weeks have been a blur. With all the business of moving I haven’t thought too much about this pregnancy, other than the uncomfortable contractions I have each day that remind me to slow down and take it easy. 

It just hit me this morning that in about 8 weeks (give or take a few days) we could have a new baby and I am in no way ready for this little guy to make his appearance. My whole house is still being unpacked from boxes and ALL of the baby things are still stored in my parent’s attic. 

This is currently what Baby 2’s room looks like:
My glider and a ton of boxes that mostly belong in the attic. 

While I want to work hard and get everything done before Baby 2 arrives I also want to enjoy these last few weeks spending one-on-one time with Joe and Jude. 

I have to keep reminding myself what’s really important. If the crib isn’t set up it’s not a big deal because Baby 2 will sleep in the room with us for a while anyway. If all the boxes aren’t unpacked who cares, as long as I can enjoy a nice evening on the couch with my boys I’ll be happy. 

As much as there is to be done, none of it will really matter when the time comes for us to meet Baby 2.

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