What We’re Watching Now

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Joe and I don’t go out a lot. Babysitters and dates are expensive and our disposable income is somewhat lacking so we try to have date nights at home. Mostly we spend an hour or so after the boys are in bed relaxing on the couch watching some of our favorite shows.

Over the years we’ve watched some great series like Scrubs, Psych, Quantum Leap, Downton Abbey, Extras, Person of Interest, Veronica Mars, The Mentalist, Freaks and Geeks, White Collar, Royal Pains,Burn Notice, X-files, Sherlock, Orphan Black and a whole lot of others.

Currently our evening routine includes checking the DVR to see what shows we’ve caught like The Goldbergs, Agents of Shield, Fixer Upper, The Simpsons, or Agent Carter.

If we don’t find any new episodes on the DVR we switch over to Netflix and watch one of our current series like New Girl, House of Cards, or Chuck.

Last night we watched an episode of House of Cards. I can only handle about 1 episode at a time and usually I have to follow it up with a light hearted comedy. The same goes for whenever we watch Orphan Black. So we also watched The Goldbergs last night. We like to watch an entire series but take our time… no major binge watching here.

What are you watching?


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