He’s All Boy


“He’s All Boy”

People use this phrase a lot when they are describing an “active” boy. I’ve never really understood this expression. How can a boy be anything less than 100% all boy? Are calm, laid-back boys less boy than wild, active boys? No. I think it’s just a phrase used to imply that an active boy is just normal.

In general, little boys have a lot of energy and are very inquisitive so often get into things they aren’t supposed to. I have no girls but I assume that little girls are also energetic and inquisitive, it’s the nature of being a child.

I think adults sometimes forget that kids are just that, kids. There is that one child that is very mature for their age and acts more adult-like hence grown-ups forget what it’s like to actually be a child and expect all children to act with such decorum. But I distinctly remember being a child and bored out my mind whenever I had to sit through a grown-up meeting. As a matter of fact, I still feel utterly bored as an adult whenever I’m in a meeting. I would have probably been considered a “laid-back kid” but even so it was hard to contain the energy that was bubbling out of my little body.

I can’t imagine how Jude feels when he’s required to “sit still” for a long period of time. He is NOT one of those “laid-back kids”, he is “all boy”. I have honestly never met a kid with as much constant energy as him. Yes, he’s all boy and his energetic and inquisitive behavior is fairly typical of most kids but he is firing on all cylinders all. the. time.

I love when strangers say, “Wow he is really wound up today.”
No, not really. No more than any other day.

Jude may have some sensory and impulse issues but he’s a pretty typical little boy. He is ALL Boy I guess.



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