Survival Mode

It’s been months since I’ve written anything. I simply do not have the bandwidth to sit down and write most days. Like many of you, I’ve been living in survival mode. My days are filled with helping kids with their school work, taking care of our home, and trying to process all this year has thrown at us.

Like most people, it has been an incredibly hard year. Lockdown, working from home, school from home, trying to figure out how to keep a somewhat sane existence among all the chaos. We’ve lost 5 family members this year. It has been a hard year. I needed to step back and take a break from this site for a few months so I could remain sane. But now I think I need to start writing again to regain sane.

With so many things I can’t control I need to return to this space that is mine. I need a place where I can create.

I’m not sure what that will look like yet. I originally started this site as a place to do product reviews and giveaways. I LOVED doing giveaways. Nowadays blog giveaways are as popular and I don’t care to write reviews any more. But I do enjoy writing, even if no one reads it. I enjoy sharing the things we love… weather it’s food, activities, places or products. I think I’m just going to share what makes me happy.

I know we could all use a little more happy.


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