Snow Day

Yesterday it snowed several inches in NC. Which is kind of a big deal since it snows in NC like once every few years. Normally, Joe would have to work despite the weather but fortunately he was off this Tuesday since he worked all weekend filling in for a co-worker that recently had surgery. So we enjoyed a nice relaxing day indoors doing laundry, watching the House marathon on USA and playing with Jude. We did venture out briefly into the snow to let Jude explore the fluffy white world outside. We walked to visit our neighbors, the Stevens, to see if they had any coffee. Sadly we were out of coffee and so were the Stevens. Jude didn’t care much for the snow… he briefly touched it but quickly realized it was very cold and was ready to go back inside, snuggle up in his bed and take a nap. Once we returned home Joe ventured out to get coffee for our house and the Stevens. Our house was nice a toasty all day especially since Joe finally added the new weather stripping to our once drafty front door on Monday. Who knew I married such a handy man!The snow is melting now and Joe is back to work. It was fun if only for a day.


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