Week in My Life – Wednesday 10.23



Adventuroo WIML wed 13After our rough night, getting up today was challenging. Thankfully all the boys slept until 7:20 am. However, all day long I felt exhausted. I’m ready for these boys to go to bed at a normal hour.

Much of this morning was a blur but I know kids were fed, dressed and I took Jude to school.

Photo Oct 23, 9 09 24 AMJoe worked from home today.

wiml23+!Jude has early release today so we didn’t get too much done while he was at school. I put Simon down for his nap and then kind of zoned out while Noah watched a show. He was very tired as well.


Jude had a super early release from school today at 11 am.  He usually eats lunch at school but they only had a snack today. So we all got to eat lunch together. I had him help me clean the table before we ate lunch.


wiml23lunchAfter lunch Noah took his nap and I took Jude and Simon for a walk to the neighborhood park. Jude collect various items he found along the way, like this leaf. They are apparently for his friend Oscar.

Photo Oct 23, 1 48 59 PMSimon was a big fan of the park, except when he fell off the slide and ate sand.

Simon ParkWhile we were gone several big packages arrived. Being a blogger means fun mail.

wiml23_4And of course Jude asked to watch Toy Story of Terror again.


Joe continued to work upstairs in his office, Noah took his nap, Jude watched Toy Story and I put Simon down for his nap. There were a few moments of quiet and I was exhusted so I went to rest on the bed for a few minutes. I accidentally fell asleep and woke up to Joe calling my name. Apparently there was a poop incident (leaky pull-up) and Jude’s mattress receive the majority of the spill. So Noah got a bath and Joe clean the mattress.

Noah wanted to read a book so  I picked one of our new library finds. We love Oliver Jeffers but this book was kind of sad and difficult to explain. It’s about a loved one dying, it’s very well written but wasn’t necessarily the pick-me-up our afternoon needed.

Photo Oct 23, 4 27 24 PMSo I ushered the boys outside to play and eat their snack.

wiml23_6I watched from the kitchen window as I tackled the dishes and prepped dinner.


Then Noah decided it was time to come in while I was outside checking on the boys. He locked us out. Luckily he unlocked the screen door within a few minutes of being persuaded… err threatened.


After dinner the boys wanted dessert. Joe offered yogurt but Jude protested claiming that yogurt was not a dessert. So Joe gave the alternative dessert option of carrots. (When our boys don’t like whatever we are having for dinner their only other alternative is fresh veggies like carrots, cucumbers or tomatoes. Usually they don’t want to eat what we offer them because they want snack food but we give them a realistic out if they really don’t like what we are eating. Most of the time they opt to eat dinner, sometimes they eat the veggies and then return to their dinner.) So Jude opted for carrots. He requested 15 carrots, Joe only gave him 5. Then he ate a yogurt.

wiml23Then we did baths and bed time. It’s currently about 8:30pm and the boys are up to their shenanigans again. Here’s hoping for an earlier night tonight.


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