A Week at the Beach

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Last week we took our first full week family vacation. We had no motive for our vacation, we weren’t visiting family, or attending an event, we just went to the beach with absolutely no agenda. It was wonderful.

The few weeks building up to our vacation were so full of life, it was all good stuff but trying to keep up with everything had me on edge so I was greatly anticipating our break from daily responsibilities. This vacation was like hitting a big pause button on life. It’s so important to pause and step away from real life responsibilities every once in awhile. It helps us appreciate the hustle even more.

Vacationing with my family is so life giving. We were active when we wanted and we rested when we needed. We completely controlled the pace of our life, we had no time constrains and no obligations. This allowed us to connect with each other and to really enjoy spending time together. Of course it wasn’t a vacation from all of life, we still have 4 small kids and all the drama that accompanies traveling with kids. There were melt-downs and over-tired kids and arguments but the moments passed and we continued to have a great time.

We found rest and rejuvenation at the beach this week. We were intentional about how we spent our time and it really helped us have a fantastic family vacation. I’m looking forward to our next adventure. Traveling with young kids can be hard but as the years pass our trips become a little bit easier. The kids grow more accustom to travel and are old enough to appreciate the trip.



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