Brave Jude at the Pediatric Urologist


Yesterday Jude had his long awaited appointment with the pediatric urologist. He was pretty nervous even though I assured him that the doctor was only going to look at his bump. I packed him a lunch for the car ride (it’s about a 30 min drive and his appt was at 12:30) and he brought along his teddy bear for support.

The doctor confirmed that he does indeed have a hernia and will need outpatient surgery.

jude doctor

His surgery is scheduled for July 26th. We won’t find out what time until the day before. I haven’t really explained to Jude what is going to happen, I think it’s best if I don’t tell him too much. I’m a little bit nervous about it, not because of the actual surgery but more for the way he will react. He’s not allowed to eat anything after midnight the night before and he gets VERY cranky when he’s hungry, add in anxiety about the hospital and I’m sure he’ll be a ball of nerves. I’m praying that God will give him peace on the day of his surgery and that Joe and I will also have peace so we can comfort him.



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