Week in My Life – Tuesday 10.22


I am participating in Adventuroo’s Week in My Life challenge. I participated in 2011 and I loved it so I’m trying to do it again this year. See what I was doing on tuesday of 2011’s WIML.
Adventuroo WIML tues 13Tuesday started off better than Monday. Noah slept in until 6:45 am and Simon slept through the night!!! He was actually the last one to wake up. Joe got breakfast ready for Jude and Noah while I got the house ready. Every morning I turn on the appropriate lights, open windows, move laundry, put away unsafe items so small children won’t get them.

While Joe hopped in the shower I sent the boys upstairs get dressed for the day. They wandered into Simon’s room (I think he was already awake) and by the time I got up there they were all in Simon’s crib. I wish I had my camera because it was pretty cute. Everyone got dressed, I fed Simon and then read the big boys books while Joe made lunches. Joe shuttled Jude to school while Noah, Simon and I settled into our morning groove. I finally get to make myself some breakfast: eggs and toast.


While I eat breakfast I work on my blog post schedule for the next few days. I’ve over committed myself a little bit this week.


Then Noah and I decide to wear “hemets”

Photo Oct 22, 10 57 21 AMNow it’s time do clean up the breakfast dishes. I always have a helper in the kitchen.

wiml22_2Jude has occupational therapy tonight so I start dinner in the slow cooker.wiml22_4Noah is always hungry and asking for a snack. So now it’s snack time.

wiml22_5Around 9:30 – 10 it’s time for Simon’s nap. I retreat to my bedroom where I change his diaper and he explores the bathroom. We have this set of plastic drawers on the bathroom floor that he loves to play in. They are empty but he just likes to pull them out and carry them around.wiml22_6While Simon takes his nap Noah and I do a little more playing and I get a little email checking in there too. wiml22_8Then it’s time to make lunch. I usually start making lunch around 11:30, to eat around 12 so we can leave to get Jude around 12:30 and of course I always have a helper. Noah has been using his toys to boost himself up to the counter. We’re working on discouraging him from doing this.

wiml22_9While Noah’s lunch is cooking (he’s having mac n’ cheese) I decide to get dressed.

wiml22_10We eat lunch, Simon wakes up and he eats a little lunch and then it’s time to get Jude from school. It’s a dreary day today.

Photo Oct 22, 12 57 58 PMNoah falls asleep in the car so I try to transfer him to his bed for nap-time but he wakes up, poops in his pull up so I change him and put him back. Then he plays with books for another hour before finally falling asleep. I keep an eye on his shenanigans with the video monitor.  Jude had firetruck day at school so he’s been talking about becoming a fireman when he turns 15.

On the way home from school he said:

“Mama, when I’m 14 I’m going to be a builder

When I’m 15 I’m going to be a fireman
When I’m 16 I’m going to be a doctor
When I’m 17 I’m going to be a nurse
When I’m 18 I’m going to be a dentist
When I’m 19 I’m going to be a dad

But for now I’m going to be a boy.”

wiml22_11While Noah naps, Jude watches Toy Story of Terror. We recorded a few nights ago and now he asks to watch it several times a day.

wiml22_12Joe comes home early on Tuesdays so I can take Jude to his occupational therapy. He got home around 2:45 pm.

wiml22_13We don’t have to leave for Jude’s appointment until 3:30 so after I put Simon down for his nap I edit some pictures for an upcoming giveaway post.

wiml22_14I take Jude to his occupational therapy while Joe stays home with a napping Noah and Simon. Joe was on a conference call when I left and the boys slept almost the entire time we were gone. Jude did great at OT today, he loves all the fun activities he gets to do and I think he’s making some good progress.Photo Oct 22, 3 57 19 PMWhen I get home I finish making dinner. The boys color and have a snack at the table while I cook and Joe finishes his work. For dinner we having a big salad with apples, dried berries, pecans, cucumber and chicken with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. The boys LOVE the salad and Jude eats 3 helpings, we have to persuade him to try the sweet potatoes. Simon loves the sweet potatoes and eats more than anyone else.


After dinner the boys take showers and get ready for bed. Since we’ve adjusting the sleeping arrangements we decided to change up the bedtime routine a bit. Noah was super tired so he went to bed a little early and Jude got to stay up a little late and read books. Jude is supposed to read for 10 minutes every day for his homework, I’m pretty sure we read for about 30-40 minutes. He is doing so well learning to read, I’m super proud.


Jude went to bed about 8:10 but as soon as he hopped in bed it made a noise and woke up Noah. We spent the next 2+ hours trying to get the boys to stop playing and go to bed. They finally went to sleep around 10:25 pm. We had to leave their door open so they knew we were watching. While Joe and I take turns putting the boys back to bed I get some blog work done and Joe cleans the house a bit. After they get to sleep we watch S.H.I.E.L.D and Person of Interest (thank goodness for DVR) then we go to bed.


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