Whole30 Day 3

We’re on day three of our Whole30 Challenge and finally starting to get into the swing of things.

Joe has this week off for vacation. We aren’t traveling because we are trying to be responsible with our finances. Plus the thought of traveling with 3 small kids stresses me out. We have a lot of fun things planned so I’m excited to explore the city where we live.

I’m also looking forward to cooking.
I’ve learned that I actually enjoy cooking, as long as there are no kids underfoot I’m good. I told Joe they should make a reality show where chefs have to cook in a room full of need toddlers. Now THAT’S cooking under pressure. Also, it’d probably be pretty dangerous and require a lot of waivers.
I also hate doing the dishes. If I could cook by myself and not have to clean up I’d be cooking all the time and making everything from scratch. Also, Joe is a great sous chef.

What We Ate Day 3
Breakfast – 2 Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and a Morning Glory Muffin topped with Almond Butter (I thought adding almond butter like icing would help add flavor, it didn’t)

Day 3 Whole30 Lunch
Lunch – Baked Sweet Potato topped with leftover Homemade Bolognese sauce, left over fajita chicken, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sprite melon & cantaloupe

Whole30 Dinner Mongolian Beef
DinnerSlow Cooker Paleo Mongolian Beef with a side of Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice

Snacks – Seed & Nut Trail Mix and Tea

Recipe Review:
The Slow Cooker Paleo Mongolian Beef was awesome. We will certainly be making that again. I was sad there weren’t leftovers.
The Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice was so-so. I’m pretty sure I overcooked the cauliflower because it was mushy. The flavors were OK, the bacon was the best part. I’d try it again but I’m still not sold on the whole Cauliflower Rice idea.

Exercise: 0
I need to be more intentional about exercising but it’s tough especially when we have other errands to run. I only have a few opportunities to get out of the house because of breastfeeding/naps/etc. But seriously, I need to stop making excuses and schedule into my day even if it’s just a brief walk around the block.


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