Why does my son keep taking off his diaper?

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Noah is very interested in all things potty, this also means he is constantly taking his diaper off during nap time.

diaper off

Now we’ve tried everything we can think of to prevent him from making a HUGE MESS every time he takes a nap.

  • Tape on the Diaper
  • Underwear over the Diaper
  • PJ’s on backward
  • Constant monitoring

And we have about a 40% success rate with these methods.

He’s a little toddler Houdini.

I’m asking my internet mom friends…


Seriously, it’s driving me nuts and the laundry is seriously out of control.


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  1. It sounds awful but we seriously had to duct tape my son’s diaper on during naps because he would take it off and PAINT THE WALLS WITH IT. Oh my gosh.

    1. Angela – it sounds bad but effective. I’m so glad we have a video monitor so we can watch him like a hawk. It can get pretty messy in there if we don’t watch him.

  2. Hi Jessica, came to your post via @typeamom and her tweet. As I retweeted, could be he’s just discovered what those little tabs do, could be he’s watched you so many times he just wanted to see for himself. Or… it could be he physically doesn’t like the fabric touching his skin. As a toddler, we dismissed our son’s (then) cues of ocd-type behavior. It was easier to just think, he’s a kid. But, it was more than that… along with (at the time) lots of tension in the house. Turned out he hated long pants, long-sleeved shirts, just about anything that touched his skin. It’s okay now (years later) and didn’t last too long. But, to this day, he prefers shorts and tshirts, no matter what the weather (lucky we lived in Nevada – and the first time I can make that statement without sighing…).

    Good luck! He’s probably just proud of himself for figuring out a motor skill 🙂

  3. Sorry, wanted to add maybe get him involved in the process?

    Like, “Do you want to push the tabs down so YOU make sure it stays on during your nap?”

    What I’m going for is the basic, “Would you like to wear the red sweater or the blue sweater?” style question when it’s cold outside, your child doesn’t want to wear anything warm, but you want him to…

    You get the result you’re after, but he will think he made the decision 🙂

    Hope that makes sense.

  4. I remember that phase. We still shudder if we hear something that sounds like a diaper being ripped off. For us, I think it was Daniel telling us he was done with diapers & ready to use the potty. We weren’t ready, but he was.

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