Crib Update

So I think we did pretty well for our fist attempt at crib sleeping.

Jude slept in his crib until about 2am when he got a bit fussy and Joe finally brought him in our room. When he laid Jude down next to me he was all cold. So I think one of our first steps is to move Jude’s bed away from the window where it’s a bit drafty.

After Jude moved to the bed with us he had a hard time sleeping. He kept waking up and fussing. I tried nursing and moving him around. I don’t know if he had gas or was just uncomfortable but he was awake and fussy between the hours of 4-6am. Finally he fell back asleep and as of 9:55am he’s still asleep.

I know he can sleep for long periods of time so I think if we keep letting him sleep in his crib eventually we’ll get there.


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