The Search for Sensitive Baby Soap


This picture creeps me out.
My son is almost 2 years old and we’ve yet to find a soap that doesn’t irritate his skin. Most often I bathe him without using any soap at all but occasionally he needs soap. After trying many different brands and wasting a lot of money I thought I would reach out to my readers for advice .

Here is a list of products we’ve tried: (we prefer a natural soap if possible)
Burts Bees
California Baby
Arbonne (although this one was confiscated by the TSA so I only used it twice.)
I can’t remember the other right now.

Does your child have sensitive skin? If so which product do you recommend?

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  1. Jessica- do you know Karess Krafters? They are local, and they started the company because the husband (of the husband and wife team they are) has incredibly sensitive skin and they had to resort to making products he could use themselves. I have bought their stuff before, and it's soooo good. You might want to try them!

  2. I use Johnson's Baby Soap. My son had eczema and this seemed the least irritating. Or I'd use a little bit of Sensitive skin Dove Soap.

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  3. Both my husband & I have sensitive skin so all 3 of our daughters have really sensitive skin & several different allergies. After numerous years & several products later, the ONLY soap that worked is Sensitive skin Dove Body Wash! We now all use Dove bar for sensitive skin! I hope you find something that works for you! Good luck!

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    My daughter has sensitive skin, I started using (and selling 🙂 Melaleuca products…since then her skin is much better. If I use regular detergents in the laundry she breaks out, not with the Melaleuca though!


  5. Hi, friday following. I make an olive oil soap for my little ones. Its all natural and no added scents or colors.

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  8. We used a little shop out of our home town. She makes all of the soaps. Our daughters have really sensitive skin. it is called the Little Soapmaker from Selah/Yakima, WA and she has a website you can order from. She even has military discounts for those of you who are in the military.

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