Whole30 – Day 9

We’re still doing pretty well with the Whole30 challenge. I’m having a harder time dealing with the sugar cravings, especially in the evening. I used to use chocolate as a stress reliever but now I need to find a new stress release. Thankfully I haven’t been as stressed lately as usual, maybe the Paleo diet is helping my attitude?

I need to start going to the gym again but taking 3 boys anywhere is difficult. But working out is a great way to relieve stress and a lot better for me than eating chocolate. Eating clean has given me more energy which should make it a little easier for me to manage all 3 kids by myself, so my goal for the next few days it to go to the gym. Hey, they have free childcare. (we’ll I’m paying for it in my member dues.)

Breakfast: Chorizo and Roasted Red Pepper Eggs & a Clementine

Chorizo Eggs

Lunch: Ham, Carrots, Pepperoni, Cucumber & Goat Cheese Sandwiches and Celery

Cucumber Goat Cheese

I wasn’t super hungry at lunch time so I had a small thrown together lunch. Then later in the afternoon I had some Trader Joe’s Trail Mix.

Dinner: Chicken Curry with Avocado on the side.

Chicken Curry

I used this Chicken Curry Recipe from Whole Strong Family and it was delicious. I used to not really care for curry but I think I just tried the wrong kind because this was lovely.

After the boys went to be Joe and I watched a little TV and snacked on sweet potato chips and I had my regular tea.



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