Paleo30 Day 1 – Plans Change


Can you believe that after spending several hours creating an entire month worth of meals I totally dropped the ball on Day 1 – Meal 1?

That’s right, I went to make my Paleo Pumpkin Muffins on New Years Eve only to realize I didn’t have enough Almond Flour. And of course it was too late on New Years Eve night to go to any store that sold Almond Flour.

So we switched things up on Day 1 right out of the gate. We made smoothies and bacon because who doesn’t love smoothies and bacon? Plus it actually worked better because I made some “extra bacon” for our lunch salad. *I’m not sure there is such a thing as “extra bacon” but we resisted temptation to eat it all for breakfast and knew it would pay off for a yummy lunch.

Other than the breakfast mix-up Day 1 went as planned.

Lunch was a BLT Salad and a side of orange slices. (We are still working on creating some yummy salad dressing but today we just had some olive oil and lemon juice on top of our salad.)

BLT Salad

Dinner was Curry Chicken topped with Avocado.
And Joe made his famous Chicken Wings for at night time snack.

Overall, I felt pretty good most of the day aside from the annoying sinus headache I’ve had for several days thanks to the crazy NC weather. I haven’t had too many sugar withdrawals or any carb cravings yet. We’ll see what today brings.


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