Pregnancy Update: Glucose Test Round 2

Since both of my boys were big the OB wants to be extra sure that I don’t have gestational diabetes.

Which means I get to take ANOTHER GLUCOSE TEST. Yippee for me! *insert sarcasm.

Since I failed the 1 hour test they don’t want to waste my time taking that again, so I get to take the 3 hour test again. (BTW, I barely failed the 1 hour test) So sometime this week I have to schedule my 2nd 3 hour Glucose Test.

Even though I passed my last one with flying colors, I’m a little anxious about this one. At my last OB appt (last Tuesday) the baby was measuring 2 weeks bigger than expected, when up until this point he was right on track. (Over-Achiever!) So it’s possible I might have late on-set gestational diabetes.

Other than the potential of having a giant baby everything is looking great. I’m slowly warming up to the idea of a hospital birth and I’ve even started working on a birth plan.

I’ll keep everyone update on the status of my 2nd Glucose Test.
No news is good news from the lab techs!


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