Rhinoceros and some Updates

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant! WooHoo! Half way there. I just realized I have not taken a single picture of my pregnant self. My goal for this week is to get a good belly pic and share it with you guys. I’m most certainly bigger this time than I was with my last pregnancy. (Granted I think I am still carrying some of the weight from my first pregnancy.) 


Not because I feel huge like a rhino but because I am suffering from pregnancy rhinitis. Pregnancy Rhinitis is the stuffy, uncomfortable nasal condition that afflicts many pregnant women during pregnancy. It sucks. Not to mention the fact that it’s winter and I have a cold. 

I’m prone to sinus infections in the winter even when I’m not pregnant but at least I can take medication then. Now, I’m stuck relying on my humidifier, saline spray and a ton of pillows on my bed. I’ve spent the last two nights sleeping on the couch because it’s the only place I can position myself to breathe. I don’t like complaining but breathing is kind of a big deal for us humans. I am praying for spring to come so I can find relief. 

P.S. I’m totally open to suggestions for treatment.

In other news. Jude has been sick for almost a week and night before last he developed a double ear infection. Joe and I spent most of the night awake with a screaming toddler. Normally, I would have sent Joe out to get supplies but it was sleeting outside so we waited it out. Yesterday, we braved the icy roads to see the doctor. (Did I mention we hit a brick sign while navigating the icy parking lot of the doctor’s office.) After giving Jude his medicine he immediately started to feel better. So now he is on the mend, still not quite himself but most certainly getting better. I’m very thankful for ear drops.  He slept about 13 hours last night. Now if I could only get some sleep.


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