Slowing Down to Celebrate New Life

The other day someone wished me congratulations and it took me several moments to realize they were talking about the pregnancy.
Friend: “Oh hey, congratulations!”
ME: “Congratulations? Uh, thanks… OH YEAH, the baby right, right.”

I’ve been so consumed with the move that I almost forgot that I was pregnant, aside from the daily nausea and exhaustion. My brain is overrun with to-do lists that I don’t have time to think about another baby. And if I’m really honest I’m not sure that I’m ready to comprehend what is really going on. I mean I haven’t even been to the doctor yet. I think I’m in denial of reality.

I feel bad that I haven’t been able to celebrate this new life yet. So many people try for months or even years to get pregnant that when the time finally comes it’s a joyous occasion but for us it was a slam-on-the-breaks, jaw-drop-to-the-floor, shocked sort of moment. I truly am happy about this baby but I think I have yet to realize it. Hopefully after the move I’ll be able to slow down and really process how greatly the Lord has blessed us. 

Like most of you, I tend to get caught up in the logistics of a new baby. How will I go to the store with 1 preschooler and 2 babies? Where will they sleep? Who will watch the boys while I’m having the baby? You know practical life stuff. But really I have time to figure out the details, right now my plan is to soak up the time I have with my 2 boys and pray blessing over this new life that has been so graciously entrusted to us. 

What a great joy it is to become a mom yet again. Let the celebrating begin!


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