Finding Rest

Finding Rest

We have had an insane week. We’ve been hit hard this week with issues with Jude at school, Joe’s insane work schedule, pain in my hips due to pregnancy, children breaking things, and then this morning my grandfather passed away. I am on mental and emotional overload. My to-do list is a million miles long.

This afternoon I planned on tackling many of the things on my list but instead the neighbor came over and we watched 2 movies with the kids, chatted about life and just enjoyed relaxing on this dreary September day. It was the much needed rest I felt unable to to take but desperately needed.

This morning in church I was reminded that God commands us to rest. God himself rested. So why is it so hard for me to rest, especially when I need it most?

I really need to be more intentional about resting. So with that I bid you goodnight, I’m off to find rest.


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