The Big Lebowski Strikes Again

On our first date Joe and I watched The Big Lebowski. Now, I’d never seen this movie and at the time I didn’t really care what movie we saw. I just wanted to get to know this hot guy. And to be honest I don’t really remember too much about the movie. (I was a little distracted by the hand holding game that was going on 😉

Well, after Jude was born and we finally revealed his awesome name the nicknames started to develop. Obviously he got alot of, “Hey Jude” comments. Especially from my nieces and nephews who constantly watched the YouTube video of the little kid singing, “Hey Jude”. They would sing to him and of course it was cute! Now my 2 year old niece, Ella probably influenced our nickname choice the most. Being two years old pronouncing Jude proved to be a bit of a challenge so she called him Dude! Which we thought was adorable, primarily because we’d never thought of it. So pretty much everyday since we’ve called him Dude. When I’m talking to others about Jude I usually refer to him as “Baby Dude” or “The Dude“. Hopefully, he’ll learn his proper name and not think that we named him after the movie we saw on our first date or even after a Beatles song. He was infact named after Jude the Apostle, you know the one in the Bible. And because the name Jude means “Praise”. (The meaning was very important to us.)


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