Camp Lieb – Day 3 Nature Day

Day 3 started off with a lot of drama. Despite the fact all the kids went to bed late they were all awake with the sun. So I decided to take them to the park so they could burn off some energy. After I got everyone loaded in the car (which is quite the adventure) the car wouldn’t start. I thought the battery was dead because Noah left one of the interior lights on the other night. But luckily, Joe hadn’t left for work yet so we did a little investigating and learned that the battery was fine but there was an issue with the van not fully engaging in park so the car wouldn’t start. We got the car to start several times but only after repeatedly messing with the gear shift. So we unloaded all the children and decided to stay home and play in the back yard. Obviously the kids were disappointed but I’d rather be safe than stranded.

Photo Jul 22, 9 22 15 AM

While the kids played Joe and I tried to figure out our plan for fixing the car. The soonest the mechanic could see us is Friday so we just have to wait. Meanwhile the kids were getting restless and Joe left for work. I decided we should carry on with the rest of our day as planned.

So we made ants on a log for snack. The kids loved the idea but weren’t a big fan of the celery. I can’t blame them it’s all weird and stringy. So we used some of our celery to do a science experiment… I’ll let you know how it turns out in a couple of days.

Photo Jul 22, 5 39 48 PM

Then we watch an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy: Earth’s Crust (Noah’s favorite!). Meanwhile I got to cuddle with a cute baby that has no interest whatsoever in Camp Lieb.

Photo Jul 22, 12 02 29 PM

By now the morning has withered away and it’s lunch time so I made quesadillas for lunch. I initially plan on making turkey wraps but I just didn’t want to.

Then we read 2 books: Dora Celebrates Earth Day and Nature Close Up Junior: Forest Floor. Then nap time/quiet time.

Photo Jul 22, 5 41 06 PM

During quiet time I tried to regroup as the mornings events had my brain sort of scattered. I gave the boys a few fun worksheets/coloring sheets. They were supposed to draw themselves inside the tent and then color the picture but Noah decided to that his campfire started a forest fire and burned down his entire camp site.

Photo Jul 22, 5 42 37 PM

Then we made snack, earthworms in the dirt (gummy worms in crushed up Oreo). I let them crush up their Oreos (in a bag) and they loved it.

Photo Jul 22, 3 01 23 PM

Then I cut the bottom off a water bottle and attached a washcloth to the end and we created bubble snakes. They loved bubble snakes.

Photo Jul 22, 5 52 36 PM

Photo Jul 22, 5 52 46 PM

Photo Jul 22, 5 53 30 PM

Joe worked a little late so I just made the boys PB&J (with some yogurt on the side) for dinner. Then we took a family walk. I had been wanting to try geocaching for awhile and noticed there were a few located on a trail that goes through our neighborhood. So we set off on an adventure… except we didn’t find any geocaches. But we did encounter a scary looking snake on the trail. Luckily I noticed it before Simon stepped on it. We walked a good mile or so and got home just before the sunset. Needless to say the boys were exhausted.

Photo Jul 22, 7 19 02 PM

Photo Jul 22, 7 30 05 PM

Nature day didn’t go exactly as planned but we experienced some nature and had fun anyway.


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