Why We Don’t Own a Microwave

Today we are super busy packing and getting ready for the big move TOMORROW! So I thought I’d share with you an old post I wrote about why we don’t own a microwave. Enjoy!
It’s become a standard kitchen appliance in most American homes, the microwave.

From T.V. dinners to popcorn you can cook just about anything in a microwave.

When we got married we decided to NOT get a microwave for two primary reasons.
1. Space – We lived in a tiny townhouse with an even tinier kitchen. It just didn’t make sense to lose the little counter space we had to a microwave.

2. Health – I don’t know all the scientific reasoning behind it but it just doesn’t seem right that you can cook something so quickly. But these people can explain why microwaving your food isn’t healthy:https://www.naturalnews.com/022015.html

Now, I grew up with a microwave in my house and I wondered how I would adjust to not having one and to be honest I don’t really miss it. You can heat most things up on the stove top or in the oven. Of course it takes a little longer but that just reminds me to slow down.

Do I ever miss having a microwave? Every once in awhile I really want to heat up some left over mac-n-cheese. (which is the way I prefer it) But I found that I can heat it up just was well in the oven.

How do I eat popcorn? Well before the days of the microwave there were air and oil poppers. We added an air popper to our wedding registry which we used for a bit but it mostly pops the popcorn all around my kitchen instead of into the bowl. So now we cook it on the stove top and I can guarantee it’s 100 times better on the stove than from the microwave! (Tip: Use Peanut Oil!)

Do I think I’d ever own a microwave? I wouldn’t intentionally purchase one but if we lived in a house that already had a microwave I might be tempted to use it.
Do you own a microwave in your home? How often do you use it?

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