Does Santa Wrap Presents?

Joe and I have been discussing weather or not Santa wraps presents or not. When he was growing up all of the presents magically appeared under the tree. Everything was wrapped and labeled “from Santa”. When I was growing up our presents from Santa magically appeared spread out on the sofa, unwrapped and clearly displayed for us to see. 
 The stockings stuffed with wrapped presents from Santa.
L to R: Joe, Jude, Noah, and Me

 Wrapped Presents from Santa were left on the TV Stand.

This year Santa wrapped everything, including the stuff in our stockings. But I’m not so sure Santa will be able to continue wrapping everything in the future.

Joe is pro Santa Wrapping and I’m pro non-Santa Wrapping.

Here is my reasoning….

1. Santa would obviously use different wrapping paper than Mom and Dad. 
2. For small children that can’t read not wrapping the presents makes it clear that Santa visited while they were asleep.
3. Wrapping everything little thing takes A LONG TIME.

Of course all of this hinges on weather or not your children believe in Santa to begin with. 
When I was growing up the first time my parents told me about Santa (I was about 3 years old) I freaked out. The thought of some strange old man coming in my house while I was sleeping scared the crap out of me. I was convinced there was no way someone would break into my house to leave me gifts so my parents immediately told me it was all a game and Santa wasn’t real. Now I wonder why I have trust issues! kidding… well only a little. 

I think for Jude we will talk about Santa but not make it a big deal. I thing he already has this thing figured out anyway, he is pretty smart. 

So back to the initial question. 
Does Santa Wrap Presents in your house?

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